Ergo SME BizProtect

ERGO SME BizProtect


ERGO SME BizProtect

The SME business today operate in a tough yet dynamic environment. In order to stay ahead of the game, you have to focus more on your day-to-day business with limited time at hand to care for other concerns. While the size of your business may be comparatively small, you have to maintain the same standards of corporate governance, employee welfare and liability as the larger companies. Therefore you require a suitable packaged insurance policy to protect your assets, liabilities and employees from the risks associated with operating a business.

The ERGO SME BizProtect package insurance is a comprehensive yet flexible multi-line insurance solution designed to keep SME business needs at the centre with a focus on the Food & Beverage segment, Retail business, and Office premises.

Key Features:
  • Total solution with the ability to pick and choose optional add-ons on top of the Core Benefit

  • Convenient and simple application with our buy online sales tool.

  • The package offers 10 covers (1 mandatory cover + 9 optional benefits).

  • The limits against all covers are scalable and users can choose the limit to suit their needs.

  • Competitive pricing with transparency on additional premium chargeable against each benefit selected. This offers users the flexibility to bundle the covers and customise the package according to their business needs.

  • In the mandatory cover there is a further option to choose from Fire and Extraneous Perils or Property All Risk, which in turn will affect the pricing.

  • Among the optional covers, Business Interruption can be covered on a Daily Cash Basis or Loss of Gross Profit/Revenue basis for the user’s convenience.

  • Extension clauses are offered at no additional cost.

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