why insure

Why Insureguru


More Than Just A Comparison Site

Tell us what you'll like to protect, and we'll furnish you with the best recommended options. You can also enjoy fuss-free direct purchasing with us. We're unlike other sites that redirect you to purchase elsewhere, where rates may differ.

If you're not ready to purchase, simply save and come back when you've decided. To ensure you're always covered, login to view your policy statuses, and be notified when they're expiring.

If you need a personal touch, simply contact our InsureGurus who are experienced brokers, and always ready to assist.

Latest Technologies To Keep You Safe

InsureGuru constantly embraces and deploys new technologies like A.I. and BlockChain to deliver to you a secured buying experience. We make the security of your personal data our first priority.

Blockchain-based networks help secure customer data and AI analyzing potential risks and help improve customer-specific services. Together, these technologies and their innovative applications enhance InsureGuru's productivity, customer experience and prevent frauds. 

A Trusted Partner

InsureGuru is backed by Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison, a well-established brokerage company with over 40 years of history. With decades of experience and exposure in the market, Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison enjoys long-esteemed relationships with numerous major insurance companies.

Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison has one of the most competent teams of General Insurance and Financial Advisors, and is licenced and supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. By tapping on Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison's experience and exposure in the market, we have learnt the importance of integrating insurance solutions and educating customers on what suits them the most in the process.

We now jointly invest on technologies to integrate resources and fulfill customers’ insurance needs instantly.

Our Logo Represents What We Aim To Achieve

The InsureGuru logo portrays its key function – life protection.

The logo is made up of three different elements: a human, a covering and a leaf. The dot is a picture of a human representing the company. The curve represents a covering for the leaf beneath it. The leaf represents the growth and life of our clients.

Orange represents vibrancy and robustness while the colour green represents growth and safety. Together, the logo portray the mission of InsureGuru to offer life protection insurance for clients.